Larry Clarke has assisted Prairie Township as a real estate professional on two major projects recently, site selection and purchase of sites for a new 40,000 square foot community center and a new sports complex, as well as site selection and purchase negotiation for a sheriff's substation. These were both major public projects for our community, so we needed a professional that was both knowledgeable and willing to put a good deal of effort into filling our needs. I was very much pleased by Mr. Clarke's performance on both of these counts. Larry was professional and flexible in his efforts to accommodate Prairie Township's needs, even as the projects presented the type of unique, complex problems and roadblocks that seem to be inevitable with large government endeavors.

I enjoyed working with Mr. Clarke and look forward to the possibility of doing so again in the near future.

Tracy Hatmaker
Township Administrator
Prairie Township
Franklin County, Ohio
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Larry a guy like you with tenacity and follow through would never need references but if you do give my number out to the person who would ask for one you are a pleasure to work with and you bring some fun back into the business with your frank attitude. Thanks again for everything you did on this deal.
Tom Coughlin

As a Real Estate Broker, a member of the Columbus Board of Realtors for 25 years and former Chief Real Estate Negotiator for 38 years with the City of Columbus, I have had developed a mutually respectful business and personal relationship with Larry.

I have worked with Larry on several real estate assignments and services. I highly recommed Larry for his knowledge, experience and honest integrity.
Fred Swanson

I wanted to thank you for our recent real estate dealings. Your professionalism, honesty and cooperation were outstanding. I have all the confidence in the world in your ability and advice. I especially appreciate the way you helped me out of a complex situation. I will not undertake any real estate investments or transactions without consulting you and obtaining your advice. My wife was in real estate for 35 years with HER Realty, and she was greatly impressed with your services. Thanks again Larry and good luck in all your endeavors.
Bruno Voltolini
Attorney at Law

Hi Larry:
We're not in the market for a home-still happy in the one you built for us. We're the ones who had six little kids at the time you build a home for us in a bad recession.  If it wasn't for your help, we would not have had this home to raise our kids in.  We are still in this same place.
Mike and Cathy Talik